Dahlia Tubers

Our dahlia tubers are sold as single tubers with at least one eye. If not immediately visible, the eye will become more prominent as the tuber wakes up. Growing conditions greatly impact the appearance of dahlia flowers so we’ve used only photos taken on our farm in Maine. If you grow your dahlias somewhere else or have varying soil conditions your flowers may look different – and that’s ok.

If you’re picking up your tubers, please indicate a date prior to checkout. Those tubers being shipped will go out in April and a confirmation will be emailed upon shipment.

When you receive your tubers you can do one of two things: 1) store them somewhere cool, not cold (40-50 degrees) until you’re ready to plant them outside (once ALL danger of frost has passed) or 2) pot them up indoors to take cuttings or get an early start on their growth.

Fawn Meadow Flowers is not responsible for damage that results from mishandling of tubers (i.e. rotting or drying out in storage, overwatering, etc.) nor weather or pest conditions.

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