Below is a sampling of the flowers we grow, organized by the season in which they are available. This list is not comprehensive and does not guarantee that a specific flower will be available. For some crops, we stick to one or two tried-and-true varieties while for others, we plant dozens in order to maximize the flowering window and offer the widest array of colors & textures.


With regard to flower mix, we’ve got lots of exciting things coming for 2021, including:

  • Expansion of our Spring bulb program. We’ve tripled our tulip & narcissus production, adding dozens of specialty double flowered & novelty varieties, and we’ll also be offering ranunculus & anemone for the first time (yay!).
  • Expansion of our dahlia program. We’ll be growing about 500 plants in almost 50 varieties.
  • Tons of new annuals. Like over 140 varieties & counting (because self-control is hard sometimes).
  • Heirloom chrysanthemums for Fall.


(Late April, May, Early June)


(Late June, July, Early August)


(Late August, September, Early October)