When: Late June

Where: Stage Neck Inn

Photographer: Channing Johnson Photography

This will always be one of my favorites. I loved Chloe’s vision for her wedding and it was such a joy working with her (and her sweet mom) to bring it to life. There’s so much beautiful material available in late June so florals for the personals and centerpieces were 100% local with roses & gerberas shipped in for the arbor. Peony, ranunculus, sweet pea, and spirea combined to make the most romantic, petite bridal with campanula, yarrow, and foraged bits rounding out the centerpieces. The ceremony arbor was constructed without any floral foam & was still looking good when we came to pick it up the next morning, so I call bullshit on anyone who says they can’t work without it.

If you’re planning a wedding I implore you to please please challenge your florist to use a foam alternative if they don’t already – it’s essentially toxic garbage that leaches microplastics & god knows what else into the water and who wants an otherwise gorgeous day tainted by that.

Thank you Chloe & Joe for being such a dream to work with.

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