Daffodils were the first flowers I ever sold. The first fall we were in our house (2019) I planted like 150 or so to sell the following spring and I quickly learned 150 bulbs ain’t shit when you’re selling them, and planting them in a straight row like I did was very stupid. But they were so beautiful and I was so proud and we were all stuck in quarantine so Tom took hundreds of pictures of me and my 150 daffodils. True love.

Since then I got my shit together, growing dozens of varieties in all kinds of configurations. Below are some of my favorites (so far) if you need a little inspiration, but what’s really important is that you plant some daffodils. A lot of them if you can because they’re SO easy & SO beautiful.

While growing these in a traditional bed makes for easy harvesting, it doesn’t allow much space for the bulbs to multiply (or do much for the overall aesthetic of the place) so the plan is to dig & divide them this summer and plant ones that perennialize well in drifts along the border. And I implore you, if you’re growing these for cuts please please please tuck some into your landscaping that are OFF LIMITS and only to be enjoyed by your eyeballs.

Dick Wilden

Good ole underrated Dick. I feel like he (yes he) gets looked over because people are like “eew yellow, too bright, not soft enough for my sophisticated taste” even though this bright, saturated yellow literally is the color of spring. Bright yellow 4 lyfe.


Everyone loves her. XL stems & always hits just in time for Mother’s Day.

Apricot Whirl

She’s a shorty but I love a split corona type & the color is *chef’s kiss*. Stems lengthen as the flowers age so if size matters to you, harvest later than usual.


To die for. That’s all.


Tangerine cup that fades to peach. Love.

Ice King

Hankie approved. Nice long stems, lemony ruffled centers, what’s not to love.


Another split corona – tangerine centers make for a nice alternative to the peaches & yellows.

Sir Winston Churchill

Last to bloom for us with nice long stems and a beautiful fragrance. Also forces very well.


Perfect for flower crowns. In the future I’d do these in pots.


My #1 girl from back in 2022. Bulbs have been hard to get though, so if you get your paws on some LMK.

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