What’s Blooming

Wave 1 of tulip season is drawing to a close as we get ready for the field tulips to begin. All the warm weather last week kicked everything into high gear so the field crops are blooming a lot earlier than anticipated.

Tunnel Tulips

Menton – Classic French tulip in a gorgeous pale salmon hue.

Black Hero – XL stems with full plum colored flowers, such a beauty.

Queen of the Night – Reliable long-stemmed single that I love to pair with Black Hero. Definitely underrated.

Aveyron – Peony type with fluffy raspberry-pink blooms that have a unique white etching as they age. Love.



‘Black Hero’

Fancy Daffs

I’ve trialed various daffodil planting schemes over the last few seasons and I think I’ve finally settled on where to put them long term. Spoiler alert – it’s not where they are now, or were last year (of course). More on that later.

Apricot Whirl – I love any and all split corona types but these are extra special because of the way the inner petals change from cantaloupe to apricot as they age. The first stems are always super shorties for us (especially with a few really warm days in early spring) but stems do lengthen over time.

Ice King – Obsessed. Decent stem length, extra stuffed lemon colored centers, such a beauty.

Dick Wilden – Good ol’ under-appreciated Dick. I feel like you’re a yellow person or you’re not, and if you’re not you should reconsider (seriously). The bright yellow flowers scream spring and the fluffy centers are to die for.

‘Apricot Whirl’

‘Ice King’

‘Dick Wilden’

What We’re Planting

Veg – onions, lettuce, rhubarb, potatoes, peas, radishes

Sweet Peas – I completely dropped the ball on these last year so having these in the ground is a huge relief. Just a few stems really makes designs sing so I’m looking forward to having these at our disposal for events & deliveries.

Lavender – As we transition to more permanent plantings, landscape design plays a bigger role in what goes where. Don’t get me wrong, long, straight rows of flowers are beautiful, but I want this place to feel like more than a “farm” – like a collection of different gardens full of special bits & bobs. So in an ode to that, I tucked 100 tiny lavender plants into pathways & anywhere else I could find that needed a little something.

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